John Warden Photography
About us

About us

John Warden Photography offers bespoke, high-quality portraits and commercial images. We operate particularly in UK and US and travel globally to support clients.

We love family portraits, high school seniors, pets and equine.

John Warden Photography is led by John Warden AMPA, professional photographer and energy consultant.

John set up John Warden Photography in 2016 to offer high quality commercial and portrait, pet and equine images. 

John is a qualified Associate of the Master Photographers Association, a Member of the Royal Photographic Society and a Member of the Professional Photographers of America.

He also coaches photography apprentices and has been instrumental in setting up the official Professional Photographer apprenticeship course in England.

Outside photography, John is CEO of a nuclear energy consultancy, a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Physicist.

We also run a sister company, HORSEPOWER Fine Art Photography, a specialist branding to offer bespoke high-end automotive art images and albums to clients.

John is based in Buckingham, UK but travels globally to meet clients and take stunning images of cars.

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